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The year gone by and the year ahead

2014 officially can be declared the worst possible year – the year of missed opportunities, the year of laziness and the year of stupidities – for my personal life, my Fantasy Premier league team  and for my beloved Arsenal. But, I am an optimist and just like I strongly believe Arsenal will win the Champions League this year, I also believe that the year ahead can only get better for me.

Last year, around this time , I had made an incredibly long list of goals for the year. Many of those goals died as painful a death as Abou Diaby’s footballing career. Here is a quick report on the same:

(1) Quit putting statuses on Facebook, switch to blogging regularly instead Wrote 1 blog post and put up 35 status messages. 

(2) Write at least 52 blog posts. Shamelessly publicize to get at least 10000 views.Wrote 1 blog post. Reason : Made a decision not to write opinion posts any more, but write more data-backed posts; ended up procrastinating too much. 

(3) Increase body mass by 15 %. Body mass decreased by 2%.

(4) Re-evaluate the feasibility and rationality of a relationship: Rational, but feasibility and capability remains a question.

(5) 20 % increase in sleep time , regulate sleep regime to 12 am – 6 am. Slept 2 hours 8 minutes more much more on an average. Here is an excel link on how much I slept. 

(6) Write an autobiography of life so far. 20% complete. Turns out, my life is eventful enough to write a book on. Work in progress

(7) Increase punctuality rate to 90% from the current abysmal level: Late for 18 out of 117 key meetings/deadlines. 

(8) Reduce incidents of being scolded by parents for indiscipline by 20%.  Unrealistic goal.

(9) Do 1 trek every month.Not even a single trek done. 

(10) Attain basic proficiency in two new languages. Halfway through Spanish. 

(11) Train self to become ambidextrous. Didn’t even try

(12) Qualify for the finals of at least 1 open quiz. Score > 50 in Mahaquizzer.Didn’t attend a single quiz.

(13) Convert at least 1 Manchester United fan to an Arsenal Fan. Let us not talk about this

(14) Wear formal clothes at least 20% of the time. Wore for more than 50% of the time. 

All the following ones got completely ignored.

(15)  Learn one new thing which I never thought I would do.

(16) Figure out ways to spend some money.

(17) Figure out life goals.

(18) Get a better display picture.

(19) Get a life.

The list of 2014 is so good and complete  that my 2015 resolution is to follow up on my 2014 resolutions. To new beginnings and hopefully European glory at the Emirates.


I am running the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon to raise funds for Amar Seva Sangam, an incredible organization from my native village,  working for the betterment of disabled individuals. Please donate generously at this link : http://www.unitedwaymumbai.org/fundraiser-4545.

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